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A single advert, a corporate rebrand and almost all design services in between

Thank you again for visiting my website, and this page all about Design Services. I presume you’re here after clicking through from Google (or even better, one of my wonderful clients has recommended me). Hopefully you have seen my portfolio and some of the work I have created. I love what I do and am super proud to have a diverse portfolio for a wide range of clients. From The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, to B.O.B., a local hair salon, Design Agencies to start-ups like Kloud Kitchen, and even a Japanese video game company!

Due to this wide range of clients, I cover a variety of disciplines and services. On this page, I will list some of the most requested ones. However, if you can’t see what you’re interested in, get in touch with me here.

Branding & Logo Design Services

I love creating logos and brands for businesses. I understand how important they are, and what it means to a business owner to have a logo they can be proud of. It should be the visual embodiment of the company. Representing the personality of it and its employees. Starting with a pencil and paper (well, actually these days an iPad and Apple Pencil) concepts are sketched before creating digitally.

Whether you have a logo already and want to modernise, or are a start-up I can help. Supplying a suite of ideas, and then all files you need to move forward for web and print. There are quite a few examples in my portfolio of logo designs, as well as on Dribbble.

Contact me about a Logo Design.

Website/Wordpress Design

A business’ website is usually the first time a potential customer interacts with a company (hi, I suppose this is your first time here too). Therefore it is important it a. works, b. looks on brand, and c. informs visitors enough about you, whilst leaving you wanting more and to get in touch…

I am self taught in HTML and CSS, coding from scratch for a number of years, until I discovered WordPress. Now I build all new client sites on the platform. It enables easy text and image amends for the user, as well as responsive designs for mobile and desktop. Taking a theme and customising it for individual needs is the perfect way to achieve the three objectives above.

I have a large amount of WordPress sites in my portfolio, and even more for an agency client that aren’t on my site. So if you’d like to see examples click here, OR contact me.

Graphic Design

Need a brochure? A leaflet? Social media graphics, or even a billboard ad? Graphic design is a broad subject, and covers more than just printed paper. Merchandise, clothing and social media imagery is all included, pretty much anything visual to do with marketing, it’s been designed.

Typically, my portfolio covers print design when it comes to graphics. Brochures and product catalogues are popular, even though (according to most) print is dead. I still think a lot of consumers value physical media over digital, and it is harder to throw away a beautiful leaflet than it is to delete an email.

Printing has come a long way too, with finishes like foiling and spot UV becoming more affordable.

If you have a print project you’d like to chat about, or want to see some examples of print design, get in touch.

Advertising/Poster Design Services

So you have a great brand and a wonderful website, but aren’t telling anyone about it? How are you going to get clients?.. That’s where advertising comes in! Traditional forms include print, such as newspapers, magazines and flyers, and modern (for want of a better word), for example, display banners, social media and email campaigns. I can help with them all. Something I enjoy is to create an all encompassing campaign that covers multiple channels and runs for a few months enabling a series of adverts.

A gripping headline and evocative imagery helps, but sometimes, saying it plain and simple is all it takes for someone to contact you. Have a look at some of my advertising campaigns here.

Business Stationery/Print

A lot of the time business stationery is overlooked and fobbed off as ‘just letterhead’. HOWEVER, If you are serious about your branding and your public perception, every little helps. If you have a beautifully created compliment slip, or a business card that makes someone say ‘wow‘ it adds to the prestige and desirability of your company. Your brand is the embodiment of your business, so it is important to get business stationery right.

If you want to have a chat about your business stationery, or some ideas/places to get them printed, then simply get in touch.

See something you like?

If you’d like to speak with me regarding any of the above design services, or maybe a different project, please get in touch here  or complete the form below and I will be back in contact as soon as possible, oh, and thanks for reading the whole page, have a cookie 🍪! Thanks 🙂

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