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Advert in New Style to promote the DofE Interactive Kit List

Advert in New Style to promote the DofE Interactive Kit List

Hi! My name is Dan, a freelance Web & Graphic Designer based just outside Ascot. Welcome.

Thanks for clicking on my website. As the domain name suggests, my name is Dan. I am a freelance Web & Graphic designer based near Ascot, Berkshire – although originally from Southampton (Yes, I support Southampton FC!) that loves being creative, building beautiful brands & exploring new ways to excite the web going public.

This page is all about my graphic design skills. I studied Illustration, Art & Design at University, & am self taught in all Adobe design programs & web coding. Because of this, I believe this makes me quite a rare proposition as it means that as well as making something look wonderful, I can build it, & more importantly make it work. Never saying a site is finished until it is W3C compliant and always use Nibbler (A website rating tool) to test my sites.

I hope you like what you see. If you have a website that needs designing, a brand that needs bringing to life, or just want to say hello please fill in the form on my contact page. We can have a chat over the phone, or meet for a coffee if you live in and around Ascot, Berkshire. Why not link with me on Linkedin too?

Hope to hear from you soon.

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