Leaflets, Logo and Poster Design for Crossfit Nidus

A start up Crossfit gym approached me to help with their branding and to create leaflets they could hand out to potential members. They had a rough idea of how the logo needed to look, and after playing with some different typography and colour arrangements that was complete. As well as creating numerous versions of the leaflets (to keep them interesting for their recipients) using different imagery. I also designed some posters to promote exclusive discounts. These were then handed to local businesses who would display them in their staff areas. You can see below an example used for the Emergency Services industry.

I also created Nidus’ business stationery and external signs.  I’d highly recommend giving Nidus a call if you are interested in getting in to Crossfit!

Do you have a start up business and need help with your branding? Or even if you just need some leaflets, get in touch here.