Duke of Edinburgh’s Award New Look Reward Card

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award wanted a newer, more modern look for their Reward Cards and accompanying literature that goes out to individuals who sign up to undertake an expedition. In the past, the DofE design has been quite traditional, however this new direction adds lots of neon colours and modern image treatments. The idea was to bring the Reward Cards and leaflets/vouchers/card holders that participants received up to date and more in keeping with other brands these people may be also exposed to in their everyday life.

There are different levels of an Expedition young people can go on (Bronze/Silver/Gold), along with a card from adult volunteers. Each set would contain a personalised card, printable voucher and a leaflet to explain the benefits one gets from the Reward Card. Moving forward more marketing literature will be included, and I am currently working with the DofE on that now.

It was an honour to be selected to do this project. I am very proud and pleased with the outcome.