Exponential Solutions Brand Creation & Responsive Website Design & Build

A lovely project to get the chance to work on. Starting with nothing but a company name & the business director, the brief was to create a fresh, modern & professional corporate style to sit within a simple, easy to read responsive website.

A lot of conceptual work went into getting the logo just right, based on the concept of exponential or ‘raised to the power of e’ it features an upwards arrow, containing the letter ‘E’ with some bespoke typography based on the Avenir font.

The website is fully responsive, making sure that whatever device the visitor uses to come to the site, it always looks great and is simple to read. Along with being Retina enabled for super sharp, super HD imagery. It is fully W3C compliant too, with a very high score on nibbler.

Print stationery will follow soon, along with the implementation of some SEO to boost natural ranking of the site.