IBB Solicitors Infographic & Report

IBB Solicitors carried out research into coercive and controlling relationships in 2018. They wanted to display the results in an easily digestible, yet powerful way. The key points were picked out by the marketing manager at IBB and I then designed and illustrated the infographic.

To go alongside the infographic, a printed report was produced. This included all the data gathered, as well as victim’s stories, IBB’s charter for change and help for anyone in a coercive relationship. Including who they should contact.

This was a really interesting piece to be involved with. IBB have done a great job at highlighting an issue that for too long has been ignored by many. Hopefully this might help just one person in a coercive relationship. Or a person that is friends with someone they believe to be a victim.

You can see the full report here, scroll down to see the infographic or click the below link to read the IBB article.