Indie Game Logo for Billie Bust Up

Billie Bust Up is an upcoming 3D platform game from independent developer Blue Print Games. It features an adorable goat, Billie, and the super cute fox, Oscar as its main playable characters. I was contacted by the lead designer Katie who needed an Indie Game Logo for Billie Bust Up. She wanted it to show the cute, fun , colourful side of their title. I was very excited to work on a logo for a videogame (as, for those that don’t know me, I love gaming) and the chance to have some of my work out there for the gaming world to see was incredible.

Below you will see how the logo has been applied so far to marketing material and a mock up of it on a PlayStation 4 case.

I hope this is not the last Indie Game Logo I create! If you are an indie dev and need a logo, please get in touch here!