Pearson Ferrier Advertising Campaigns

Estate Agents Pearson Ferrier wanted some concepts to promote their local knowledge and branch network, as well as a way to show that they have achieved extremely good sales results recently. I decided that rather than creating an overly complicated advert, we split the messages into separate concepts.

The first ‘Brain’ concept shows the locations of the Pearson Ferrier branches, and the fact they are a networked/connected offices. To represent the businesses local knowledge, the shape of the branches creates a subtle brain shaped map.

The second concept is more aspirational and shows potential clients that Pearson Ferrier have a record for achieving higher asking prices, therefore making house sellers more money. This concepts asks ‘What would you spend yours on?’ and shows images of holidays, TVs and decorating.

Each concept had various banner sizes too, for sites such as Rightmove and Facebook.