QA Apprenticeships Website Reskin

Having had to chance to work on the QA Apprenticeships brand for some time now, I received the opportunity to help them create a more modern, up to date look and feel for their website. The old site was based on a CMS template which would continue to form the foundation of the new look site (so certain objects could not be moved), however the idea was to make the site look more like the new print collateral we were producing. The site was designed in photoshop and then passed over to the QA web development team at bit10 to build, which sadly means I can’t say I built the site…

I felt it was important to try and get QA Apprenticeships to use a large banner image in this new look, rather than splitting the site down the middle top to bottom as the old one did. This enabled them to promote new courses, sell their service and inform the visitors that they were in the right place if landing from a social media advert or QR code with campaign imagery. The next challenge was to make it obvious that there were two distinct paths for visitors to follow. One if a potential apprentice was looking at the site, and one if a business looking to open an opportunity for an apprentice to join. To do this we continued to use the split down the middle, but colour coded the widgets, and made them more visually engaging.

I am really happy with how this site finished up, it still looks great – even though some cosmetic changes have been made since (form a sales perspective rather than a design one) and am proud to have this in my portfolio.