Videogame Graphic Design & Translation for Marvelous Games – UPPERS

As a huge fan of Videogames in general, and also a massive fan of Marvelous Games, I was honoured to be contacted by one for their project managers to help on a translation project they were overseeing. Up to now, UPPERS was a title that had only been released in Japan. The plan was to remaster and release it for PlayStation 4 and STEAM in Europe. (UPDATE – Sadly the project is on hold at the moment). This meant all the in-game assets and graphics needed updating to English, as well as French and Chinese. Along with all the marketing collateral to publish the game onto the PlayStation Store and STEAM. This meant the manual, print advertising, trophy icons and widget imagery was all needed. Luckily, the library of character artwork from the team in Japan was brilliant, meaning the designs all look vibrant and colourful.

Below you can see a handful of the items I worked on. These include examples of the translation graphics and the manual. I am really proud of this project – even if there was a lot of art-working – as it is for a company I admire in an industry I would love to break into further.

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